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How to use  Subway&Bus 1-Day Pass


Passes can be used for unlimited trips for 1 day on Kyoto City Bus routes(including Sightseeing Limited Express Bus), Kyoto Municipal Subway lines, Kyoto Bus routes (some routes excluded), Keihan Bus routes (some routes excluded),and West Japan JR Bus  routes (some routes excluded).

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One Day Pass Adult of 1100 yen. An infant of 550 yen.

How to use at the bus

  1. ①Use the rear door to get on.
    Buses run by a driver. Passengers get on via the rear door and get off from the front door. When the numbered tickets are available at the rear door, please insert your pass to the slot when getting on.
  2. ②Use the button to signal when you want to get off the bus!
    While the bus is travelling, the name of the next bus stop will appear on the screen at the front of the bus and it will be announced. When you want to get off, press a nearby stop button.


On first ride
When get off the bus, insert your pass to the slot. The fare collection is located next of driver’ s sheet.Date will be printed on the pass.
From the 2nd trip on
Simply show the date on the back of the pass to the driver when getting off.
  1. Please Note: When using the pass for the first time on a Keihan Bus or a West Japan JR Bus, please write the date of use on the front of the pass with a permanent marker. After your first ride, insert your card in the card slot when boarding the Kyoto City Bus or the Kyoto Bus. A date will be printed on the back of your card. After a date is printed, show this date to the driver when you get off the bus.

How to use at the subway

  1. ○Go through the automatic ticket gates to board on subway train!
    Please go through the automatic ticket gate before got to platform. Please insert your pass to the slot in the automatic ticket gate. Don’ t forget to pick up your pass.

Welcome Offer Discounts

Receive a discount or other Welcome Offer at about 60 spots simply by showing your Subway, Bus One-Day Pass.

      1. Please Note: Welcome Offers are available only on the date stamped on the 1-day  Pass.

Request to visitors with hand baggage

  • When riding the subway or bus, please carry your baggage in front of you, not on your shoulder.
    When seated, please place your baggage on your lap so that more passengers may be seated.
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